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Interested in crafting travel experiences your clients will never forget while also supercharging your revenue stream? Look no further—INTT Advisor is your ultimate ally.

Experience Unbeatable Airfare Solutions Through Our Expertise

Capitalizing on robust relationships with more than 50 leading airlines worldwide, we not only secure unmatched flight discounts for a plethora of global destinations but also provide round-the-clock personalized assistance—something airlines can’t offer directly to passengers. 

Be Empowered with Your Ultimate Travel Advocate

Armed with expert insights on tackling flight misconnections and schedule alterations, we guarantee frictionless travel experiences for you and your clients. By translating airline jargon into language that passengers understand, we serve as the crucial link between you and our airline partners to deliver exactly what travelers seek. 

Unmatched Collective Wisdom in Airline Services

Boasting over 200 years of combined experience in the airline industry, 95% of our team members have direct airline experience, offering deep insights and unparalleled knowledge of the sector. Our close collaborations with partner airlines empower us to secure optimal airfare options tailored to your clients needs. 

Effortless Airfare Management with Our User-Friendly Platform

In an age driven by artificial intelligence, we fuse fundamental principles with modern innovations for the ultimate airfare solutions. Integrated with industry-leading GDS platforms like SABRE and Travelport, and further enhanced by TBO, our platform provides personalized dashboards for advisors like you. Enjoy real-time tracking of client journeys, instant commission monitoring, and easy access to pending flights. Plus, benefit from our 24/7 Control Center and the personalized touch of a dedicated INT advisor, available to assist you with human understanding around the clock. 

Immediate Assistance for Flight Changes / Cancellations

Life is unpredictable, but immediate, effective communication shouldnt be. Say goodbye to long hold times and uncertainty. With our team at your service 24/7, we provide rapid solutions for any flight changes or cancellations you encounter. Talk to us and witness firsthand how quickly and efficiently we resolve issues, keeping your travel plans as smooth as possible. Choose us for real-time support when you need it the most.

You belong with INT Terminal

24/7 Support

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Unique Insights

Travel Management ​

You belong with INT Terminal

With our proven expertise and partnerships in the industry, we have expanded our scope to be an advisor and an advocate to external agencies through our INTT Adviser service. Available in Doha and Colombo, INTT Adviser brings a variety of opportunities for agents.


AMY ZEBALA Travel Advisor (AZ Travels)

I have been working closely with the exceptional air team at Int Terminal, led by Gamini Hewawasem, for the past seven years. Gamini and his team have consistently demonstrated qualities that make them stand out in the industry. Their ability to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions is impressive. Additionally, they understand the importance of timely communication, and are able to swiftly adapt to unexpected changes. However, what truly sets Int Terminal apart is their exceptional care and consideration for their clients, and mine. They are responsive 24 / 7 and provide valuable emergency support for clients in travel. The team consistently exceeds expectations. Int Terminal is a valuable asset to every travel agent and client they work with.

JOHN PARKS Travel Advisor (Fairfield Travel Center)

For the past 15 years I have relied heavily on Gamini Hewawassam and his staff at INT Terminal for our international corporate and leisure air travel. During this period, I was able to increase my sales significantly and successfully maintain my customer base. Gamini provided the service to my customers so effectively, in so many situations, it that can’t be overstated. He was always able to find competitive fares along with care to our customer’s airline choice and best routing available for our VIP customers. I consider him a REAL partner of our agency, as he would go to any lengths to care for our customers. In so many instances Gamini would intercede for our mutual customers at any day or time to assist them in their time of need! I can honestly say that my time working with Gamini has made my life much easier.

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